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26th November 2017

11 October, 2017 by Administrator

We have a new look poster this year,...

Motorcycle Toy Run celebrates 35 years in 2017
Motorcycle Toy Run celebrates 35 years in 2017

9 July, 2017 by Administrator

This annual biker charity event has become a...

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Changing the world, one child at a time


Christway Religious And Social Services

Christway Religious And Social Services

Our Mission:

“To meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of every disadvantaged individual in the South of Johannesburg.”


In our community most of the parents, if employed, are low income earners that can not afford the fees of a crèche for the young ones or a afternoon day-care centre for their school going brothers and sisters.

The children are picked-up from their homes and brought to the crèche/day-care centre by Christway. Here the children are fed breakfast, lunch and a snack at 15:00 before going home. The babies are bathed before being picked-up by their parents.

For some of the children, the food they receive at the centre is the only food they are given for the day. This too applies to the children that are bathed at the centre, most of their parents homes don’t have running water. The crèche/day-care centre currently accommodates 200 children until the afternoon when they are joined by the school going children.

These then bring the numbers up to 400 at the end of the day!

Fund raising Account Details:

Christway Religious and Social Services


The Glen

Account number: 9249 742513

NPO 044 851 - PBO 930029137

Afterhours Care : 105 Stanton Street, Turffontein.

Crèche/ Day-care centre : 13 Von Brandis Street Turffontein

Contact Elise Baker : 072 386 5675 - (011) 434 4607